Managed Firewall Monitoring Services

Optimize your network protection capabilities with greater flexibility and savings.
Secure your entire network ranging from IoT to cloud.


Network security continues to be an essential requirement and a growing priority for organizations of all sizes, across industries. Firewalls are a key component in safeguarding your business from malicious threats. A firewall is the front line of defense against cyberattacks, but they can pose real risks to business-as-usual when not managed correctly – potentially giving attackers opportunities and severing crucial communications with customers, suppliers and partners.

Pathway, a managed firewall service provider offers a cost effective, world class managed firewall product suite that offers a range of firewall products utilising the latest technology in Next Generation Firewalls to overcome these challenges, better defending critical assets and helping to ensure continuous uptime and availability.

Powered by Fortinet, Pathway offers the award winning Fortigate NGFW that provide high performance, multilayered validated security to detect and stop the most advanced threats and prevent breaches automatically using its threat intelligence. It delivers unparalleled protection and ultra-fast performance against emerging threats with a collaborative security fabric that extends across the borderless network.


Learn how managed firewall service is unique in the industry

As a leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Pathway not only offers firewall monitoring services but around-the-clock rapid response and remediation services proactively.

Whether we supply the hardware or manage and monitor what you already own, you have more time to focus on your core business competencies while we provide the security expertise.

  • Manage


    Fully managed by Pathway’s security experts, we help you protect your network so that you can focus on your core business.
  • Monitor


    Our team of security experts are on board to monitor and respond to threats real-time 24×7 and ensures your network is secure with the support plan to help protect, detect, and act instantly.
  • Measure


    Measure your network performance against evasive threats and offer best TCO and unparalleled protection
  • Maintain


    Continuously maintain security effectiveness, high SSL inspection performance and network protection against threats 24x7x365



threat protection

Independently certified and continuous threat intelligence updates provide robust protection form known and unknown attacks


Security effectiveness

Highly scalable segmentation and ultra-low latency to protect network segments


Protect mission
critical applications

Industry’s Highest threat protection and SSL inspection performance to protect form malware attacks hiding in encrypted traffic


Continuous risk
assessment via automation

Leverage automated workflow and auditing features t o deal with scarce security staff and continuously maintain compliance posture


Fabric Integration

Intelligently share threats across the entire digital attack surface to provide quick and automated protection


Enterprise class
security management

Deliver consistent security policy – single pane-of-glass to manage security assets irrespective of location and form factor


  • Improved Network Security:Our Managed Firewall services are managed and constantly monitored 24/7/365 and we ensure quick responses to outages.
  • Saves CapEx:Pathway’s Managed Firewall solutions include all the hardware and expertise your clients need to have a thorough firewall strategy.
  • Reduced Complexity and Risk:We take care of the technology, so you don’t have to. We offer expert firewall configuration, management and firewall monitoring services with an immediate response to any issues lowers the risk of business disruption.
  • Increased visibility and control:Our managed firewall service allow you to gain better control over traffic and users. Our continuous and proactive firewall monitoring service helps safeguard business-critical connectivity – protecting revenues, customer loyalty and brand reputation.
  • Costs Savings:By moving to a managed service you take advantage of OPEX pricing model – Cost effective solutions require no capital outlay. Hardware, support and maintenance costs are bundled into a single affordable and predictable all-inclusive monthly charge.
  • SLA-backed service:Our managed firewall services are backed by industry-leading SLAs.
Managed Firewall Services