Our customers are very loyal.

Pathway works with customers from a full range of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and mining. A typical client has been with Pathway for over 7 years. We know how to stay relevant, innovative and forward-thinking in a very challenging and fast-paced industry.

Case studies


Accounting and financial services firms trust us to secure their data against strict industry regulations for processing, security and privacy. Back up, colocation and cloud services are designed to reduce processing times and scale to meet ever increasing demands.


Healthcare organizations, from small practices to hospitals, count on our data centre, email and telephone systems. It’s more than just high uptime and disaster recovery — our data centre complies with FIPPA, HIPAA, PHIPA and other privacy regulation.


Retail is an extremely fast moving, cost sensitive sector. When your reputation is at stake, payments and inventory updates have to go through on time — every time. The key is quick communication between franchises and your head office, something Pathway can do with our managed cloud, phone and email services.


As a telecommunications provider ourselves, we understand how hard it is to provide reliable, always-on communications services for demanding customers. We work with multiple telecommunications companies and know how to build phone, internet and disaster recovery solutions that keep services running.


With critical operations in remote locations, our mining customers need communications they can count on. Worker safety is paramount and we know what it takes to outfit these operations with reliable connectivity and phone systems that work in any situation.


Non-profits are a critical part of our community but they have it tough with shrinking budgets and high turnover in critical positions. We know how to design low cost, managed solutions that make your organization more effective at serving the people who need it most.

Manufacturing and distribution

Downtime is unacceptable to operators in the distribution sector. Our proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance make sure that essential systems keep working and time sensitive deliveries are made on time.


Customer satisfaction is a highly important subject within the energy sector. One unplanned outage is all it takes to drive a customer away. Minimizing customer attrition is vital to suppliers in this hugely competitive industry.


Technology manufacturers and suppliers need customer support that can keep up with innovations and seasonal demand. We speak the language of the end-user, make complex issues simple to understand and link your product designers, operations and customers.

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International Chemical Company

The international chemical company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide (SO2), and sodium hydrosulphite (SHS), and a leading North….

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Multinational Transportation Company

A multinational transportation company, with subsidiaries in both Canada and the United States, is committed to providing high quality transportation and great…

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What our customers say

eHealthOntario:Pathway has met or exceeded all service levels including the most important, client satisfaction. Throughout, Pathway has been very responsive to needs that we have raised to their attention and has proven themselves to be a capable and trusted partner to eHealth Ontario.

Steve Gesner, Executive Vice President, Operations - eHealth Ontario

Bridgewave:Overall, I have been extremely impressed with Pathway Communications. The company, leadership team and the quality and enthusiasm of their technical support agents is a welcome change that has more than paid off for Bridgewave. Thanks to this great experience we are now looking for additional opportunities to shift more work to Pathway Communications in the future. I would highly recommend working with them.

Jeffrey Seger, Director of Customer Support - Bridgewave Communications

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